Bass Guitar & Music Theory Lessons

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Now offering bass guitar lessons, via Skype, for beginner and intermediate players.

Improve your technique and music theory knowledge for only $35/hr

Become a well-rounded musician. We start at your level and adapt to your skills and interests.

Lesson subjects include:

  • reading both tablature and standard notation
  • proper mechanics & posture
  • scales, intervals and chords of all kinds!
  • playing with chord changes
  • learn excellent rhythm reading & groove
  • use both fingerpicking and, if desired, use of a pick
  • play within rock, metal, pop, jazz, and classical paradigms
  • improve your ear, as well as finger dexterity, strength, and speed.
  • write your own riffs
  • play along with custom made "jam tracks" (composed on StaffPad, for high quality sound, and made available for you)
and much more!!!!

I am NOT  a guitarist who picked up a bass, played easy peasy root notes on one string
and said "bass is easy!"

     (take it easy, shredders, I'm only poking fun and pointing out what the majority
of bass teachers seem to be)

I have played 4-string instruments since elementary school, starting with violin & cello,
have performed in high school & college level orchestra & jazz ensemble, as well as performed with several choirs, and various ensembles, and solo performances. 
I have 5yrs teaching experience so far, and a lifetime to go!!

Though I love to perform, my current focus is now on education & theory/composition.

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