Saturday, October 13, 2018


You think with them , speak with them, 
praise with them, kill with them. 
Express with them, conjure and preach with them. 
You scream with them, judge with them. 

They cause all the sorrow, beauty, 
and joy in the world. 
Just like the Universe, vibrating. 

Break hearts with them. 
Egos and notions, they purge. 
The most beautiful and ugly things in the world. 
With or without them, we're imbeciles. 

They make us and break us, 
provide us asylum. 
They teach us, expand us, and sometimes escape us. 
These WORDS 
can raise us or put us back in our place. 
Down in the dirt, or up into space. 
Our rantings are written, 
in skies and in caves. 
You can lose them and find them, 
but never misplace. 

Some say them for the pleasure of the look on your face. 
Their form, flow, and function in varying states. 
Forever, and then some, 
we could sing their praise. 

The most beautiful and ugly 
things in the world. 
To rant on much longer 
would be quite absurd. 
Just like the Universe, endless. 
They're WORDS!!

~written by D. (2012)

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