Saturday, June 17, 2017

Forest of Legend & Black Wizard

Virginia Beach's Forest of Legend, performing at the Riffhouse Pub.
Captured on an ultra-crappy camera phone. Fri. June 9th 2017.

This fogged, trembling journey through the Forest of Legend. At times, a desperate dredge; at others, a defiant storming rampage, tearing through the brushes - not to be crossed. Kiss your ass goodbye, if you've found yourself lost. Timeless grooves creep in 'round grimy solos, winding their way through the hollows where we’d hide. . . hide if, by the morning, we thought we'd still be alive. Recesses of smoke, barren, ‘cept despair. It’ll dig in and take you high. What a dirty, dirty, heavy journey … take a breath & take the ride.

Was also a blast to host one of the touring bands, from Canada, Black Wizard. They put on a emphatic and raw performance, and were courteous, amusing guests. I had already purchased their cd, but they kindly left a few shirts behind for my husband, roommate, and me!

I hope those guys enjoyed their time in Virginia. Rock on, Black Wizard. Rock on!

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