Tuesday, October 10, 2017

In the Rueful Sideview

What have I done? She desperately questioned herself …
         as if a less tragic answer would suddenly emerge
         and transform her tale from this dreadful dirge
Please wake upPlease, she pleaded
         not only of herself, but of this whelp
         who once let out a shocking yelp
She shrieked internally, silent, dethreading her nerves
       Moments pass, but not this one
       deadly sins cannot be undone

What was I supposed to do?
I couldn’t stop.
He chased the damn dog.
I couldn’t stop.
A chilling knell rang through glass
as icy fingers gave a ghastly tap
on the window of the calamitous car
which, though stopping short, went much too far

Her neck of rusted gears from all those tears
hesitantly turned as she wiped her face

Y … .you … . . you’re . .
“I’m cold. Why did you hurt me?“
       a small, frail voice decried
       in disbelief at what she’d espied.
Then a howling wind came to impart
a notion which had broken her heart
There in her side mirror laid
the bloody shoes
of one                                                      
who now                                                    
will never play  

~ written by D.

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