Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 3rd 2018

I’m awakened daily by the searing light flooding through the panes of an eastward window; a window which has never bore curtains. We once had some old, unused cloth over the window, but it was a tacky, cheap eyesore to me; a tacky, cheap eyesore which the cats loved to tear down and ruin anyways. Besides, a bare window ensures that the Sun will always provide a wake-up call. I tell myself that an early wake equals a longer day; a longer day equals more time to (try to) create and achieve. Anyways, it’s cool and peaceful in the early morning’s misty twilight, graced by mellifluous bird-songs. There’s a pleasantly quaint feeling of serene fulfillment, tending a garden at sunrise. The sun gives life, and I let him see me nurturing it as he awakes.

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