Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Dissection of Spirits

Everyone in an uproar. Outraged.
Apparently divinity
(like royalty and property)
Must be inherited to claim.
"You have taken from my gods and put it in your names!"
Titles and labels ‘stolen’ from their page.
Do you know yet, the power of words? …
These gods, these secrets, these keys
"Share them, and you’ll shame them.
I own them. I created them.
I gave them their use.
I won’t give them to you.
We know what this word is,
What it means to us.
No nevermind what it means to them
Or to you. "
Guard it like a grail
& take it to the grave.
"Find another name.
This one is mine!"
Pigeonhole outsiders.
They’re frauds, fools, thieves, and pretenders.
Nothing more.
"They don’t speak the language
So they must not walk the walk."
Hateful talk.
So much more more more . .

No trials or virtues.
No rebirthing or ascending.
Not deserving.
Blind and on a high chair.
“No soul journies for Americans!"
No motherland cravings from this stand.
A mixing pot’s not allowed to acknowledge it’s ingredients.
Tell Me
For what
My heart
Can beat.

You only see the forest, not the trees.
In this chaotic forest,
Where the trees don’t see they’re One,
Roots go unperceived …
And you’ve already assumed what it’ll grow to be.
Long-reaching roots through oceans.
Hearts on a breeze.
Please tell me what my spirit’s allowed to be,
Where it’s allowed to grow,
And just what exactly I’m permitted to know.

"This Infinite Mind isn’t big enough for the both of us . .the all of us."
So our sour preconceptions brawl and secede.
A Mother Mind in eternal civil war.

Will you acknowledge you’re my brother
Once our blood’s both spilled on the floor?
All the same . Only red. Nothing more.
All from the same star-born divine ores.
Ten-thousand times removed from the cradle of the Earth.
All going to the same place .
Another life, death and re-birth.

Release your official diatribe
Of what you’ve declared my blood is worth.
“My truth’s not allowed to belong to anyone else
& MY God once told me he doesn’t like you! "

So tell me,
In this world where actions speak louders than words,
What your actions say about yours.

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