Friday, July 13, 2018


Am I the only one who was awake and attentive when our teachers taught us all critical thinking skills, and not just taking in one side of any story? To seek the truth, even if it disagrees with our most firm beliefs? To consider the source?

What about when the statistics teacher warned us (at least mine did) that numbers can be skewed to fit almost any viewpoint; that you need to examine their methods (sample and population, etc.) to find out their agenda, and come to your own conclusions?

I really must have been the only one. Because even the some of the most "intellectual" of you seem to be daily soaking in EVERYTHING from people who simply wear the same label as you, and soaking every bit of "light" they let in through the keyhole....and you accept it as the full story, the full truth.

These are the SAME peers of mine who love to use hot terms like "confirmation bias" while devoting themselves to ONE source of information, or news and just digesting the highlights they hand out.

They are also some of the same people using terms like "cognitive dissonance," while condescending to their peers and not realizing that THEY are the ones demonizing and alienating people who are otherwise like-minded - but questioned something you stand by - once. Did you even read the definition of the term? You're living it!
Keep sharing memes about "we should teach kids HOW to think, not WHAT to think" while simultaneously demanding everyone conform to your opinions! Classic!
Zero fucking self-awareness
No thoughts
No research
No opposing viewpoints to examine
Only feels
Feels are the only thing that's real to anyone anymore.
When will we EVER learn that nothing is black & white? There are grey areas in everything, but seeing the angles takes effort.....and we'd all rather watch viral videos and pictures of our food, and say heinous shit to good people, with different perspectives.
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