Thursday, October 18, 2018


You know, reading Hemingway at the park, on a brisk autumn morning is not nearly as nice as one's romanticized notions may think it.

Ah, oh well! Thank goodness for sweet, cheap, hot lattes.

Today I am dressed with a hooded sweater under a sports jacket. My husband says it is my "down and out superhero look." His perspectives and humor always make me smile.

However, I am also wearing polka dotted pajama pants with this outfit - and my favorite band shirt: my Vale of Pnath crescent moon shirt. Not only a gnarly band, but the only well-fitting band shirt I have. Sure, I still like my White Zombie shirts plenty. But they are threadbare and full of holes at this point.

I still wear them though. It's a look expected of a White Zombie fan, I reckon. 

ick. Why did I take a selfie?
I don't wanna see my face. Especially not so early in the morning. But, apparently, people on the internet like faces and maybe it will persuade a person or two to actually read a thing I write.

They are, at least pretty good - the things I write - I think.

Maybe if more people read them, I would know for certain.

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