Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Good Riddance. Goodbye.

Pacify, pacify all these violent thoughts. 
But betrayal keeps them burning 
and it's hard to turn them off. 

Crucify, crucify those that you once held dear. 
Once your use for us has died, 
and we become that which you fear. 

All the lies, all the lies. You smile right at me, 
As you ponder how to hurt us, 
through passive animosity. 

This selfishness, you selfish bitch, 
Which you dare not even see 
has turned you into something 
even monsters never dream. 

But this, old friend, you do not know: 
How paltry you are to me. 
I'm glad to cut you .. . . . from my life, from my thoughts, 
From my perfect little scheme. 

Good riddance, goodbye. 
You'll never hear from me.


written by D. 

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