Saturday, December 8, 2018

I must be a cat

I have realized recently, in seeing how people react to me and my viewpoints  - - that I must be a cat.

My behavioral patterns most resemble that of a cat, when looking for a recognizable comparison in the animal world. Yet I live in a dog's world.

Like a cat, most people assume that I don't actually care about them, unless they're scratching my ass. Some go so far as to even suppose I am incapable of love and compassion. Though, actually being a human, this is extremely hurtful of a notion - and I actually care about how wrong they are. I care a thousand times more than they will ever know, but I don't wear that care on my sleeve. I don't do what seems to me, when others do it, like pandering or kissing ass. So it must not exist, they think.

You're too aloof and seemingly detached to give a damn.

Actually, I'm just afraid you'll step on my tail. People seem to get a great kick out of making fun of cats, and their behavior, after all.

While most of the world's people scamper around like dogs, eager for attention and approval, and how one can achieve it, I am content that I would be allowed to even sit nearby - in the same room. In fact, you won't find me anywhere near seeking a lap and a scratching unless I have known you for a very long time and am certain you won't just toss me across the room, once I get closer. 

So many people have simply tossed me across the room.

"Fuck you cat."

And so many people feign cat allergies just to keep them away.

But I really do care, I just can't seem to express it in any conventionally accepted ways. So that care goes completely unnoticed. I may tease you by knocking your little trinkets off the tabletops, for fun, and to get your attention. But I'm just called a disagreeable bitch for it. You see it as stirring the pot and trying to mess shit up, so to speak. I'm just playing lighthearted games. 

Guess I fucked up again.
Stupid cat.

Guess you wouldn't shed a tear to see me mutilated in the road; not like you would a dog. Everyone likes dogs. They bury them like family members. Cats are tossed in the dumpsters. 

Not mine, of course . . .because I am also a cat 
(I suppose).

which must be why I will never be anyone's "best friend."

"Andromeda: seat thief" 
graphite, by Dissonant D. (2014)

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