Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Fall of the Dice

"Fall of the Dice"© 2014 by D.

    To say such is a mistake,
    "It’s the fall of the dice."
    Nothing’s true chaos.
    All by a cause,
    and all die will fall.
    A mirage for the eyes.
    A trick on the mind.

    Nothing ever happens
    without coming down the chain.
    Consecutive chronologies
    may never be the same
    but, sooner or later,
    you end from whence you came.

    There is no great. There is no small.
    'Tis the mind that causes all.
    (trifling or great)
    The web, it spreads. The web entwines.
    Like family trees, but backwards exponentially.

    With this in mind, reflect upon …

    The journey of a grain of sand.
    The shared ancient breath within your lungs.
    The speck of dirt which graced your hand.
    The erosion and forming of lands.
    Every little thing you can.

    Observe as it unfolds.


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