Sunday, May 31, 2020

Status Quo

The fodder you feed me
has left me weak and weary.
A restless roar rings through the halls.
The news that you hear
is the new made for ears.
Will peace or fear overcome all?

Has the world lost it's mind?
Oh, what fault do I find
in the bigoted, blind status quo.
But those who feel know
the sorrow and woe
of an outcast within their own mind.

Please, just a penance
Or mighty sweet vengeance,
to fill me with vigor and hope.
Oh, the things just to numb us.
They wish we'd succumb, us
who abhor the new status quo.

Though my opinions alarming,
I can be quite charming,
when there's not a fever abound.
A sickness of rage.
An unturning page.
But I CAN shake this fever, I've found.

We CAN turn the table,
and show them we're able
to rise! They won't bring us down!
Without mercy, we fought.
They're preaching for naught.
We will not surrender out ground.

So now do you see
how the new status quo
won't be the status for long.
With our fists in the dirt,
but not aiming to hurt
those who have not done us wrong.

Though my story now ends,
don't ever pretend
that the seeds we plant never will grow.
For, as long as you're trying.
'Til, down six feet, you're lying
We CAN change the blind status quo!

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