Friday, June 19, 2020


I see it now.
Sure, I though that 20 years ago.

I was wrong.

Nobody else seems to have noticed how wrong they were.

I'm very close to not posting on social media anymore.

I won't be part of that Mass-Mindedness. The illusion. The games of deceit. To do so is to lose. You must walk away from the game. There are no winners in a rat race. 

These people are not just "drinking the kool-aid" (yes, I know how cringe and clichéd that sounds, but it is concise and apt), they are mainlining it and performing spiritual enemas with it.

More and more people who don't fall in line with the Party, in whatever little way, are being singled out and driven away......

but just from social media.

That shit is not real life.
I wish everyone else would cut ties.
No matter how hard I try, my friends and loved ones seem to cling to their social platforms. Plastered to platitudes.

I can't do it anymore.
They will never break free unless they find themselves (and maybe God, in whatever conception), and restore balance. Those platform can never effectively be used to convince them of this though.

It is an exercise in futility.

I just hope they can snap out of it before it's too late and they suffer the horrible fate of getting what they want. It is only then that they will realise it was never what it seemed.

Walk away from the mirage!
It holds only disappointment and despair.

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