Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Imprecation of Divine Punishment


Heads in the clouds and feet on the ground.
We cannot feel our strings, even as they hold us down.
The fear of eternal punishment!
The agony it brings. It's but a curse to live!
There's no lucidity.
We're just a dream inside their heads.
You'll be free when you are dead!
We bow. We crawl.
We rise and we will certainly fall.
An imprecation, beguiled.
The reaping of our punishment, divine!
Walking tall, with your halo on your sleeve.
You fail to see you're just as damned as me!
Ever since the dawn of man,
     we've journeyed with a curse,
           a burden to cling to.
Being slaughtered for something we can't comprehend.
Oh, how we fall.
Hands bound unto walls.
Oh, how we fall

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