Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Moonlit Inspiration

Drifting clouds pass the moon

as the breath of a muse
made visible to you
by the chill of winter skies.
Illuminated by our common flame
which stays stowed away ‘til day.
Reflections of phantom rays.

The light may offer comfort
but the darkness conjures dreams.
Nothing’s as it seems.
Such things appeal to me.
A pervading thirst
that must tenderly
consume obscurities.

Drink deep
such allures
more compelling & pure
than a sip of sweet ambrosia,
or all the pharaohs’ gold.

Take in the sky …
Hear the whispers of time …
Feel very much alive …
The bliss of simple moments,
when you’re not afraid to die.

To lie in dark fields
& breathe with the trees.
The crickets & the streams
are players in a high degree
ethereal symphony.

Take it in
& then exhale
entire galaxies.



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