Friday, September 3, 2021

Inner Current

 Animal lore and dream-tellers. Worlds of which we learn from. Bringing back ourselves. A unified souvenir. An inner pyramid. A complete you coming to communion with Gaia.  

Flames of the heart. Collapsing church walls. Discovering the hidden gods. The ecstatic tongue. Discard your confessions and your clothing. Immerse yourself in sea and sun. Revive the shamam. The ovate. The warm embrace. The wheels awake. The voice of the ancient of days.    
The flow that you know on your skin and within. Condensating. Coagulating. Cleansing rains will bring tiny mirrors, prisms, halos, rays. Bringing to sight the wind. The harmony now visible. The layers on display. Magnifiers afloat. Circle returned. Preconceptions unlearned. Fluid curtain, crystal clear. For a moment I saw that which I forgot was there within the force that licked my hair. Bloody flames of silk . Eyes relaxed and so aware.    
Perhaps igniting inners suns will recreate the spectrum. Shine and split and join. Microcosmic landscape and gardens are sown just the same. Fed by the rain. Excreted and gathered again. The circle we see - The spiral segmented. The inner current.  Resistance and heat. Water and fire  recycled again    
and again    
and again    
. . .

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