Monday, January 3, 2022


 And I said "yea, Lord, t'would be better if I had in my possession some marijuana, whilst we wait out the nascent snow storm, as we seem likely to be stranded inside a couple of days. I think I've been pretty good, right man?" 

and the Lord said "weed? pssshhhh, biiiiitch. I can do better than that. Be diligent in thy day and ye shall find what you seek."

30mins later, while cleaning the office. 
Something catches my eye, peaking from below the speakers which are standing on the floor

*cue the beam of sunshine* Behold! an eighth of "shatter" as if out of thin air!!! 

Yes. Yes! Ask and ye shall receive. 
God is good


* while proofreading, I discovered I had written "I've been pretty goof" instead of "I've been pretty good."
I suppose that would've been fairly accurate as well.

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