Saturday, August 20, 2022


Get more green. Go more serene. 
(some green pictures excluded 🤗)

 I just started trail running, followed by a pilates "mat" routine (on the grass, not a mat, to supplement my once weekly reformer session). It feels really good; like a routine which I can easily keep because it's enjoyable and stress relieving..and it feels good (did I say that already? 🤔) Running on hard surfaces, in direct sunlight feels like a chore - or like punishment. Running in the forest feels like freedom. 

Also, even though I really (really) enjoy it...I quit coffee. 😵 I know. . . a life without cold brew. But I replaced it with matcha, (and standard green tea; sometimes white) which is a kinder type of fuel; for my health, for my nerves, for my mind, for my calm, my meditation, and for my much needed restful sleep. 

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