Wednesday, October 5, 2022

9.24.22 (The 4:20 Train to Richmond)

 Once again, completely forgot to post this much closer to the actual date!! Haa! Ooops.

I'm glad I went to this show. Even though, as previously mentioned, I'm no Radiohead fan, I thought this was an excellent show! Very well executed. I'm so glad composers like this guy are finally getting noticed. This is the kind of cross-over composing that I have been dreaming of (and working, myself, to make reality)

I took a selfie of myself with Steve Hackman. However, I am VERY unexperienced in the "art of the selfie." I look like I just smoked a big fat blunt, just a few blocks away, in front of the Virginia Supreme Court, right before the show . . . . and then had a double of Quervo in the lobby. 

 . . . to be fair . . . . I did both of those things. But it would be better if I had taken a selfie that didn't look like it!! 🤣

Arriving at the Main Street station means navigating through the Capital District. There's a bunch of fences and restricted areas which almost force you to cut through the parkland surrounding the capital. I spotted a very nice spot to relax, which I planned on returning to later.

This area is a goddamn ghost town after 5pm! Makes me wish I had a bicycle and could do wheelies!

St. Paul's is beautiful . . .and inaccessable.

 Had dinner at the Secret Sandwich society. Tasty AND shady. mmmmm mmmmmmm

Is it the alchemy or the vodka I'm feeling? 
Only one way to find out.

After-dinner mint, by the capital, facing the Supreme Court. Would feel more rebellious if it wasn't legal now.

Took some searching, but I managed to find a nice, unsweetened green tea solution to cotton mouth. 

and then walked back to the theater!

I only took pictures before and after the performance, cuz etiquette. 


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