Friday, August 13, 2021

A n a t h e m a

 Sacrificing all they loved.

Tell me you did not seek blood.
Endless penance. Knees to floors.
is this not what you asked for?

Things aren't how they used to seem.
A gift that you will soon abhor.
Is this not what you asked for?!

Ancestors cathecting in spirit and truth.
Their blessings are savage and crude.

Fervid, blind devotion leading him astray.
Playing into dark heirophantic games.
Nothing's what it used to mean
A  n  a  t  h  e  m  a  !  !  !

Shamed and disgraced. 
So bruised and misled,
and for which so many have bled.
The spoils of virgins. The altar of fruit.
Our finest robes 
bloodied for you.
The mess that is made 
and all in the name
of a stand-in conscience to be fed.


Forsaken for gratefulness.

Banished to nothing.

Give unto your maker of grief.

Don't be deceived . Learn how to read 
   between the lines and open your eyes.

Ancestors investing in spirit and truth.

Can you say what this means to you?



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