Thursday, August 12, 2021

Living To Hurt

 Some of them out there are living to hurt.

Some of them there just for you.
Some may crack a chip off the stone.
But this stone's not going to move.

Just roll your eyes and turn away.
They do it 'cuz they love your pain.
But you gather a grin
       when they fail their hurtful aims.

Don't ever let them see
         a stream on the face of me.
Transform the hate to pity.
'Cuz you know their spineless deeds
are born            
      of long-rotten fruit,
            from damaged seeds
                    spewed from the foliage
                            of cold, ugly trees    (empty indeed)

And they don't mean a thing to me,
Nor supply the air I breathe.
So raze their grounds, and bring them down
By not inhaling the poison they leak.

They're only weak. Only weak.
    Unable to handle themselves.
They turn to you. Turn on you!
    To drown their own self-loathing.
A brute, a fool, a hate-seeker.

Bite my tongue. A pointless ploy.
A picture that'll never click.
They'll take their whip,
    to your bare chest.
But as your heart bleeds,
You can build it strong.

And stronger, it shall be!


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