Monday, September 6, 2021


 Baking some sweet milk bread loaves today, with a "Tangzhong starter" and actually remembered to take some pictures. 

I should've gotten one of the dough after it rose, because it had almost tripled in size. Oh well, guess I'm not used to thinking that sort of way; one disposed to sharing things I do online, that is. I make no apologies for that. There will be countless forms of bread creations in the future!

I prefer to not use plastic in my kitchen (and we are slowly replacing most of the plastic items we have, but it takes time). However, I find these Cambro tubs especially good for my bulk ferment. The glass and metal containers I used in the past just stay too cool, esp. given that it is cool in our home, it being summer and the air conditioning being on. I also like my silicone dough cutters/scrapers. 

I skipped the egg wash this time, and used half the butter the recipe called for, simply in the interest of conserving eggs and butter for another day. We are all eager to taste the results. I'll probably remember to take a picture of the finished loaves . . . probably!

mmmmmmmmmm . .  ..could hardly wait for it to cool properly, to cut and eat it!!
Nothing like fresh, homemade bread.

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