Monday, September 6, 2021

tinkering with the staff


Sweet. Just seeing that this feature really does what it says, and it does!!!!

I can highlight any sections of my music, in this app, and paste it as a picture, in just about any place like this, or in a word processor, or slideshow...whatever!

Now I will be able to make my own music theory worksheets for students of any instrument, and include extremely useful visuals.

This is the first two measures of a piece I did years ago, for a music theory class, as a sort of exam. The old audio from when I put it into finale (the free version) is on my Soundcloud page. It's titled Along Somber Streets. I am putting it into StaffPad now, because it has much better sounds (this celeste!) and other features.

Odd it only included my handwritten diatonic chord markings and not the type-in lettered chord markings.

I'll have to figure out why it did that.

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