Monday, December 12, 2022


 The forest has been far too muddy for hiking and jogging, this last couple weeks. 

So this is my current route: 

Still pretty nice, right?

yeaaaaahhhh, regardless of the interesting "trinkets," shall we call them, or litter which are on the roadside. There was a smashed gingerbread house as well, but I didn't wanna drop my heart rate for the sake of the photo, at the time.  Photos only get taken during "rest" (walking) periods. 

As an aside, I need to start writing regularly again, if I'm to avoid a downward spiral. Not that much of it will get posted here. I value my privacy and, well, am not gonna bare myself to silent fucking strangers anyhow. But, maybe one out of every ten pages may get posted here.

Stay tuned.

or don't

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