Monday, January 2, 2023


I am working on finally writing out some melodies and other musical ideas, hummed and whatnot onto a voice recorder, into my notation software. Pleasantly pleased with this first one, and it's unintentional melodic displacement. 

right on right on

I also just went ahead and got that whole Microsoft Office lot of apps. I really don't like subscription services, and prefer to own a thing, outright, but what can ya do when other word processors don't have what you need?...and you're a, I figured I'd fiddle around with some other included items.

So anyhow...first book of the year: a winter wonderland, oh boy! 😬

Dreamcatcher, by Stephen King

This will be the 17th book by Mr. King I will have read, over the past 4yrs. It's hard to imagine that I hadn't considered reading his work before then. Just doesn't make sense to me now.

I read the first 300 or so pages the other day and, so far, it runs closely parallel with the movie. This is good.

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